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Below you'll find the places I have worked and got precious experience. My experiences include works in University clubs and chapters as well as the work as an intern.

Capital Legal Solutions Pvt Ltd

I was summer inter at Capital Legal Solutions. I was designer of their front end websites. The company deals with the cases of supreme court and high courts and burn them in the CD after deligent analysis.

Apple Developers Group

It's the club of VIT university, where I have an experience of 1 year working as the manager of the club.


It's one of the reputed chapter of the University where I have experience of 2 years as the technical as well as the management person.

MICROSOFT value added course

I had been the member of the value added course conducted by the alliance of the University and the MICROSOFT Hyderabad. The course was to select the students for summer interns but sue to some reasons they could not continue with the same. Anyways working with the MICROSOFT tools and the guide of the company was an overall great experience.

Juvenile Club

It's the NGO club of VIT university, where I have an experience of 2 year working for the kids.It was great experience going to the orphanages,blind schools. This act of mine was purely from heart. The peace of mind and the happiness I used to get can not be defined in words.


Below you'll find a selection of some of my most recent projects that showcase the type of projects I work closely with.

Roller Madness

The Maze Game Powered By Unity.

Tom and Jerry

The Game Powered By Java.

SQL Injection Paper

Research Paper Done Using MySQL

Grocery Inventory

An Inventory Made In C++

Number Puzzle Magic Square

The Game Made Using Java.

SDN -Software Defined Networking

A Survey Research Paper written on SDN


Get a deeper insight into who I am as a person.

  • My Beginning and Present

    I started my science and engineering carrier with the VIT UNIVERSITY by opting for information technology as my carrier field. Working with the designs and codes is the path that I created for myself that's based upon one question that I still found myself asking "how does it work ?". One question that keeps me engaged in this field is how it works. The amazing aspect that I find about my carrier is how development progressed over years is continuing to do so. Its such a refreshing feeling that I constantly find myself being educated whether its from an opportunity to try something new or from the globe of questions that I keep on asking myself.

  • Education

    Currently I am in my 4th year B-Tech pursuing Information Technology from VIT UNIVERSITY,Vellore. I did schooling from my home town,Yamunanagar,Haryana.My Senior Secondary as well as High School is from Sacred Heart Convent School, Jagadhri,Haryana.I miss my school a lot. It's one of the best phase of life.

  • Fun Facts About Me

    I love Ice-Creams and Cartoons.I had a dog named bruno which got stolen last year. My favourite number is 18. I work out daily, like it's my life. I knew what I wanted to do at the age of 13.I play throw ball. My favorite food is Mutter-Paneer. I fall down and get hurt atleast twice a month.

  • Technical Skills

    I have hands on many designer tools and development IDE's. I code in C and Java. Developed websites using CSS,HTML,JavaScript. Fair knowledge of PHP,PERL,MYSQL. Currently learning and working on BIG DATA using Hadoop. !

  • Family Background

    Currently my family is in district Yamunanagar,State Haryana,India. Its my Home Town also. My father is a business man and is the motivation of my life. Mother is the Housewife. She is the strongest person I have ever known. My brother is an IT Engineer and works for an MNC at Noida, India.

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